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What many people don't realise about asbestos roofs is that they do not always need to be replaced.  It can be treated and sealed with our specially formulated products and coatings. Our roof restoration specialist, has knowledge and extensive experience in repairing damaged asbestos, painting asbestos roofing, and asbestos removal.

We are happy to come and inspect the asbestos you are dealing with and discuss your options with no obligation to you.

Asbestos Roof Restoration


Our restoration process involves:

- Water clean and Rinse

- Specialised Repairs

- Anti fungal treatment

- Asbestos sealer

- 2x coats of energy star paint

Asbestos shingle roofs look amazing once they have been treated and painted. A roof such as this will last for many more years to come.

Deep 6 asbestos roof; sealed, repaired and coated with heat reflective paint. It looks great and will last for many years.

Before Restoring the Asbestos Roof
After Asbestos Restoration